Cutscene 5

*at EKAT base*

Jaxsor2: New news. Raze has gone inactive because Monkey has left, GAR is now neutral, Chaos is gone, and SS is not our enemy any longer. We now only have GSA and BOA to worry about.

PelicanGriz237: That’s good. Their forces are getting weaker as they realize what’s wrong with GSA. The dictatorship is going down, I’ll admit, but Jason still has a little too much power. Enough to kill an allied leader just because of one failure. I think that’s why those allies left GSA’s side.

Jaxsor2: Seems legit. We should go help our group at the GSA base though. It’s about time we go back.

PelicanGriz237: Looks like our group is good, but I agree. We go in and help them no, because they’re almost done.

*at GSA base, at a meeting*

Jason: Most of our allies have left us. Why would they have?

Urkillerv: I don’t think they appreciated us killing Brandon.

Jason: Hm. I need to send someone in to stop those escapees. They are going for our database, which contains top secret data! I’m sending Jeep in!

Urkillerv: Okay.

*GSA base, close to database room*

Christina: Move, we need to get to that database!

Tamz: Don’t have to tell me twice.

*GSA troopers come in*

Anny: Not good, not good, not good!

Christina: Crap!

Tamz: Into the database room, now!

*They enter into the room*

Emily: I’ll start hacking!

*Emily crouches by the database pedestal, and starts hacking. Then a GSA enters the room. It’s Jeep!*

*Emily aims her pistol, but…*

Jeepdino: Predictable!

*Then he shoots Emily with his pistol, wounding her badly*

Jeep: You thought it would be easy, huh? Thought you could just get in, get the database, and get out. Life is tougher than that.

Tamz: Shut up! *charges at Jeep*

Jeep: *knocks Tamz out* Too easy.

Anny: *takes out her pistol to fire on Jeep*

Jeep: *kicks Anny, then starts choking her* Not so precious to me.

Christina: YOU SON OF A BITCH! *tackles Jeep*

Jeep: *gets up* You want some too Christina? Okay. *punches at Christina*

Christina: *Christina dodges and starts beating the crap out of Jeep*

Jeep: *down* You…argh.

Christina: *pulls out knife* You die now.

Jeep: *grabs Christina, throws her, gets up, and slams her head on a table four times*

Christina: *dazed, and unable to defend herself*

Jeep: Your time has come Christina. *pulls knife right over her face* And so you die.

Jaxsor2: *sneakily stabs Jeep in the side* Not on my watch. *flips knife and stabs Jeep in the neck*

*Jeep has been killed.*

Emily: Oh, God. I’m hurt bad. I’m bleeding out.

Tamz: *wakes up* Is Jeep dead? We gotta get out of here.

Jaxsor2: *finishes hack* We can go now.

PelicanGriz237: Then what are we waiting for?

*time lapse to EKAT base*

Miranda: Oh good. You guys made it.

Jaxsor2: Yeah, and here’s the database. *hands over the chip*

Miranda: Very good. Can you decode it?

Jaxsor2: Let’s see…ah great.

Miranda: What?

Jaxsor2: It says, 01010111010001010010000001010000010011000100000101001110001000000101010001001111001000000100000101010100010101000100000101000011010010110010000001010100010010000100010100100000010001010100101101000001010101000101001100100000010101110100100101010100010010000010000001000001001000000101011101001101010001000010000001000011010011110100111001010100010000010100100101001110010010010100111001000111001000000100000100100000010011010100111101000100010010010100011001001001010001010100010000100000010100110101010001010010010000010100100101001110001000000100111101000110001000000100100000110101010011100011000100101110001000000101010001001000010000010101010000100000010101110100100101001100010011000010000001010010010000010100111001000111010001010010000001001111010101010101010000100000010101000100111100100000010101000100100001000101010010010101001000100000010011100100010101000001010100100100001001011001001000000100000101001100010011000100100101000101010100110010000001010100010011110100111100101100001000000101011101001001010101000100100001001001010011100010000001000110010010010100011001010100010110010010000001001101010010010100110001000101010100110010000001001111010001100010000001001000010001010101001001000101001011100010000001010100010010000100010100100000010001010100101101000001010101000101001100100000010000010101001001000101001000000100011101001111010010010100111001000111001000000100010001001111010101110100111000100001. That’s binary code. It’s gonna take some time, probably ten hours nonstop.

Miranda: WHAT?! NO!

Jaxsor2: I’m going to figure this one out, with help.

Miranda: Who?

Jaxsor2: I’m going to put it in one of the computers. I think it can decode binary code. I’m going.

*Jaxsor2 decodes the binary*

Jaxsor2: Oh, no!

Miranda: What’s wrong.

Jaxsor2: Look at it!


Jaxsor2: They have H5N1! WEAPONIZED! We are screwed.

Miranda: No! We’ll figure something out.

Jaxsor2: You don’t get it. This H5N1 is too deadly. Knowing Jason, he’ll also bomb all of our allies, and kill innocents while he’s at it. He could kill four billion people with that WMD.

Miranda: We need to stop it. We need to invade the GSA base.

Jaxsor2: And we need an expert on viruses.

Dr. Reaper: Then I’m your man.

Jaxsor2: Okay.


Cutscene 4

*EKAT base*

PelicanGriz237: Hey, Jack, you’ve been staring at this thing for a half an hour now! They’ll be fine.

Jaxsor2: We need to send in a team now. Jason has no way to stop us from trying to help them escape now.

PelicanGriz237: I guess you have a point. I’ll get it approved with Miranda.

Jaxsor2: Okay.

PelicanGriz237: As long as you stop staring at the monitor. You can go into your room and use your Tac-Monitor to check their progress. We have other things to do with the master monitor.

Jaxsor2: Fine.

*GSA base*

Christina: We can’t stay stealthy guys. We’ve been sitting here too long.

Tamz: But that big patrol is in our way.

Anny: I tapped into the SS comms. Brandon got killed by Jason, so now we are not in total war. We still have tension, but we won’t see more SS troopers.

Emily: It doesn’t matter to us if we don’t escape.

Christina: We’ve been sitting here for five minutes! Just waiting for these guards to pass. I say we go loud.

Anny: You sure?

Christina: Double sure.

Emily: I agree with Christina.

*They uncloak themselves and start firing on the mix of BOA and Chaos troopers*

BOA trooper: Look ou- argh! *dead*

Chaos trooper: Take cover!

Christina: Grenade out!

*Two Chaos troopers and one BOA trooper blow up*

Tamz: Cover me! I’m reloading!

*Back at EKAT base*

Jaxsor2: Jay, get over here.

PelicanGriz237: What is it?

Jaxsor2: Check my monitor. *shows Griz wrist device*

PelicanGriz237: Looks like they’ve gone loud. They really need support. Come with me, we’re going to see Miranda.

*They tell Miranda what is going on*

Miranda: I think we should send a team in. I’ll go in with you guys, Airy, and the trusty Dr. Reaper.

Jaxsor2: Okay, got it.

*GSA base again*

Christina: They’re down. Should we try cloaking again?

Tamz: Okay.

*they see a GSA*

Christina: Take him out.

*Tamz fires on him, but the alarm goes off*

Tamz: Damn it to hell! They know we’re here.

*fifteen GSA come in*

GSA trooper: Kill them!

Christina: DAMN IT!

*EKAT squad rappels in*

AirRaid: Wheeew! *Fires on a very surprised GSA*

Jaxsor2: Someone needed help?

Tamz: Good to see you!

*they kill the GSA*

Tamz: Their database room is nearby. We’re going to get it. We heard that they might attack again soon. Get back to base.

Jaxsor2: Okay. Good luck. Pop red smoke when you’re done.

Christina: Got it. We’re moving in!


Cutscene 3

*At EKAT base*

Jaxsor2: This is definitely not good Miranda.

Miranda: We have no way of rescuing them.

Jaxsor2: Right. Maybe they’re good enough to escape.

Miranda: I hope they aren’t dead.

*Scene switches to Christina, Anny, Emily, and Tamz, who are locked in a prison.*

*Christina gets an idea for escape!*

Christina: I have a plan. We all have the ability cloak in our armor, right?

Emily: Check!

Anny: I’ve got it.

Tamz: Same here.

Christina: Then here’s the plan. As the guards pass by, use the cloak so they open the cell to investigate. Then we move out of the cell cloaked. We move on to where they stored our weapons, then fight our way out.

Tamz: That’s not a bad plan!

*An SS guard patrol comes in, and thinks the cell is empty.*

SS guard: Where are they?! There must be a secret way out of the cell. I’m going to check it out.

Christina: *whispers* Go, now.

*They get out, but stay cloaked.*

Tamz: Okay, we’ve got a BOA trooper blocking the way.

Christina: Take him out, but do it quietly.

Tamz: *snaps the BOA trooper’s neck* Okay, done. This is where our weapons are.

Christina: Okay, pick ’em up. Reactivate your swords too.

Emily: Okay.

*They re-arm*

*At EKAT base*

Jaxsor2: Miranda!

Miranda: What is it?

Jaxsor2: Their tracker dots are moving around. It looks like they’ve just re-armed. I think they made a plan to escape!

Miranda: Good! We might have them back after all.

*GSA base, leader meeting.*

Jason(GSA): So, I heard that our prisoners got out of their cell. Thanks to one of your troops Brandon.

Brandon: They cloaked themselves from my trooper. Then they got out.

Jason: He should have used a thermal camera.

Brandon(SS): A thermal camera! It’s not like you can go to the 99 cent store and get one!

Monkeyman(Raze): Then one of your troops (looks at Urkiller) got killed defending their weapons!

Urkiller(BOA): I’m sorry…

Jason: Not quite as bad as Brandon’s slip. He sent an Elite trooper of his down to guard them, and now the EKAT bastards have escaped. Do you all think we really need him anymore?

*2 say yes, 4 say no*

Jason: Then you know what will happen! *turns on his sword and cuts Brandon’s head off*

Monkeyman: Whoa Jas. I don’t think that was what he deserved.

Jason: SS only has to choose a new leader. I’m keeping them.

Monkey: Thank you. We don’t need to lose an ally.


Cutscene 2

Jaxsor2: *moves behind cover* Let’s do this as quiet as possible right now.

PelicanGriz237: Right with you, Jack.

Jaxsor2: *grabs GSA soldier* Bastards. *pulls out pistol and shoots 2 other, then snaps the held GSA’s neck* Die like the cowards you are. *comes up on shotgun man, grabs his shotgun and shoots him and another GSA* That’s the least you deserved.

Miranda: I’ve got this one. *grabs GAR soldier and knifes him in the neck*

*they move on and see a big ΓΣΑ painted in blood on the wall*

Miranda: What the hell is THAT?

Jaxsor2: I think that’s Greek letters spelling out GSA!

PelicanGriz237: Who the hell put it there?

alexwang: Ah, that was one of your troopers who I forced to write “GSA rules” in Greek on this wall. He ran out of blood at the GSA part though.

Jaxsor2: You-you BASTARD!

*Jax grabs alex and slits his wrists with his knife and paints ΕΚΑΤ ΡΥΛΕΣ (meaning EKAT rules)*

Jaxsor2: What goes around, comes around, Alex!

alexwang: SCREW YOU!

Jaxsor2: *kills Alex with a pistol shot to the head*

Miranda: We should get moving.

PelicanGriz237: We’ll need to clean up here after the attack.

Dr. Reaper: Yeah, no kidding.

*3 minutes later, they are confronted by a GAR trooper, a Raze trooper, and 2 GSA along with a huge whale in a tank*

Jaxsor2: Why do you have a whale?

Raze Trooper: Dr. Reaper here got knocked overboard from his ship by this thing.

Mofo Whale: Yeah, I survived Doc. Beat that!

Dr. Reaper: Yep, I’m having a nightmare.

Jaxsor2: *Shoots whale so many times that if PETA saw it they would kill themselves* Mofo whale is dead!!!

Mofo Whale: Not again!

Dr. Reaper: Nightmare is over!

Miranda: Ummm, that was totally out of nowhere.

AirRaid: No kidding…so, let’s move on.

meowzers (over PA): EKAT base is secure. Repeat, EKAT base is secure. Fall back to base, the enemy has been neutralized.

Jaxsor2: Okay, we’re safe for now.

*radio rings*

Jaxsor2: Ugh, what now. I’ll get it!

Jason: We have imprisoned these people: Christina, Anny, Emily, and Tamz. You must surrender within two weeks to get them back. If you don’t, they will be executed. If you try to rescue them, they will be killed in that case too.

Jaxsor2: Oh no. *turns off radio* Guys, we have a problem. Christina, Anny, Emily, and Tamz have all been captured by the enemy.

Miranda: Damn it! We need to send a rescue team!

Jaxsor2: There’s more! If we send a rescue team, we’ve signed their death warrant.

Dr. Reaper: Damn! Then the only hope is if they can get away themselves. We need to get some rest!

Jaxsor2: No kidding.



Jaxsor/Naytore cutscene 1

*EKAT situation*

Miranda: Situation report, Airy!

AirRaid: We aren’t being attacked at the moment, but GSA, Raze, SS, Chaos, GAR, and BOA are setting up base on the other side of this mountain.

Miranda: There are so many enemies. Can we call for help?

AirRaid: We can, but our allies will take a while to get here. By then, our enemies will have big bases like ours.

Jaxsor2: You called for help? Well here it is.

PelicanGriz237: I came here with Jack. I’m an Xbox EKAT supporter.

AirRaid: Jaxsor, you’re back!

Miranda: Nice to see you again Jaxsor.

Jaxsor2: I want everyone to know that I’m back.

Dr. Reaper: Nice to see you again Jaxsor.

Jaxsor2: You too. Hold on. Someone’s contacting us.

Miranda: It’s Tethys. Maybe we should get Jax on to surprise her.

Jaxsor2: Why the hell not? *gets on radio*

Tethys: EKAT, you have one week of little attacks to surrender. If you do not, we will unleash all of our greatest forces on you.

Jaxsor2: Yeah, yeah that’s nice. Why don’t we then have dinner together and watch a movie after that?

Tethys: *horrified* Who are you?

Jaxsor2: They call me Jaxsor.

Tethys: Well, Jaxsor, you are very rude.

Jaxsor2: Not normally, except that you GSA scum have pushed me away from niceness. 

*Jaxsor shuts off radio*

Jaxsor2: So, that went well.

Dr. Reaper: Heard it. Damn, you were funny.

Jaxsor2: Thanks. Now we better start preparing.

Miranda: Yeah, we better.

Jaxsor2: *cocks XM8* Let’s get started.

*radio rings*

Jaxsor2: What now? *picks up radio*

Jeepdino: We will be attacking now.


Jeep: SHUT UP! Well, I’ll be sending alexwang at you for the first attack, which is now.

Jaxsor2: We’ll be ready. *puts down radio* GSA will attack with weak forces right now. 

Miranda: Okay. *gets on base PA* Alert, GSA will be attacking. This is not a drill!

*SS trooper grabs Miranda and throws her to the ground, putting his pistol to her head, but Jaxsor grabs him, and in coordination with PelicanGriz, throws him so Pelican can shoot him in the head with his Barrett .50 cal sniper*

Miranda: I’m fine! Right now, we need to move!!!

*the group charges*

Skill Clan Cutscene 4

*Few hours after bomb explosion*

Narrator: Smoke descends from the quiet and Dead Clan: ISC.

[EKAT]EF. Miranda: Well. Thats the end for ISC….2 moar to go. *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

*Made everyone in the valley temporary deaf*


Narrator: What we just witnessed, annihilated the old bases of GC. Complete destruction for ISC.

[EKAT]EF. Miranda: Ok, Air raid, can you call me Dante, Naytore Detroit and Flame?

[EKAT:AEF] AirRaid: Kk.

[EKAT]Vp. Dante: *comes in the medical room of the EKAT Base with a kantana*

[EKAT]3*Gen. Naytore Detroit: *Follows dante with a 3 troops from Skill Clan*

[EKAT]5*Gen.Flame99999: *Comes with Glock 17*

[EKAT]VP. Dante: You called us?

[EKAT]EF. Miranda: Yes… Something does not feel right. But please… call everyone in the battlefield to retreat into the base. And tell them to join us in the underground level of this base. Even the ones in the base.

[EKAT]5*Gen. Flame99999: Ok.

[EKAT]Vp. Dante: Ok.

[EKAT]3*Gen. Naytore Detroit: Kk.

Me: Eric, send the Skill Clan troops back to our small base. We’re still small. xD

gka: Got it Jack.

Me: Get some rest, you’ll need it.

Skill Clan Cutscene 3 (kinda late)

*wakes up hearing this*
Reporter: Miranda, Ive got news for you!
Miranda: Ok.
Reporter: Theres someone in ISC that wants to talk with you..
Miranda: Ok, bring him up.
ISC with a mask: Miranda. *shows detonator*
Reporter: *leaves*
Miranda: ...
ISC with a mask: Its a bomb... ISC plans to use it on EKAT, But sadly... I have the detonator. :3
Miranda: Really? Can I press it? ...^^
ISC with a mask: Sure. I got more to offer you.. See you tommorow.
Miranda: Ok ^^ 
*ISC with a mask disappears*
Miranda: But... wtf? Oh well.. *clicks*
Miranda: o_o Looks outside the window... sees fire as a pillar.  o_o That... was there headquarters? *talking about ISC Site*
Miranda: amusing.. (goo) There site got bombed :D
Me *thinking*: ISC down. Two more to go. :D I better let Skill Clan know.